Features of transportation of various cargoes

Dangerous cargo includes substances which during transporting, loading, unloading or storage could cause an explosion, fire, damage to the aircraft and its equipment, baggage, cargo, mail at the airports or on board the aircraft, as well as injuries, poisoning, burns or irradiation of people and animals, or cause environmental pollution.

Dangerous cargo includes:

explosives and objects loaded with them;

substances, capable of forming explosive mixtures;

compressed and liquefied gases;

substances self-igniting and combustible from the effect of water;

easily combustible liquids;

solid, easily combustible substances;

toxic and caustic substances.


Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC handles and stores all types of dangerous cargo transported by aircraft, including danger class 7. Acceptance, loading, unloading, transporting and storage of dangerous cargo are performed with observance of special precautionary measures in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations requirements.


In order to ship/receive radioactive cargo, the organizations need to submit verified copies of a license from the Federal Service on Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight and a power of attorney for shipping/receiving radioactive cargo.


You can obtain more detailed information on pre-booking and accomplishing  the required documents from the licensed specialists at the Cargo Department of sales and Logistics:

Perishable cargo is sensitive cargo which during transporting requires certain temperature conditions, certain level of humidity and other sanitary-hygienic requirements to ensure preservation.