Memo to consignee

Starting from 01.11.2021 the procedure for receiving incoming cargo is changed.
To receive a cargo sent as a domestic cargo the consignee or the legal representative should:

  1. To clarify the cargo readiness for delivery please call: +7-812-380-69-45, +7-812-380-69-55 or check the cargo status using your air waybill number on the main page of CTP website "Quick check by airwaybill number".
  2. Entrance to the territory of the CTP is carried out on the basis of a pass issued in the window No. 10, 11 of the checkpoint building.
  3. Go onto the territory of the CTP into the main terminal building, left porch, 1st floor and get a ticket in the electronic queue system box located in the customer waiting area
  4. In the order of the electronic queue, contact the specialist of the dispatch center in the specified window, for the purpose of preliminary registration of cargo delivery from the warehouse and it”s loading into the recipient's vehicle
  5. To receive the documents on the cargo it is required to provide:

    • passport
    • Power of Attorney (as authorized representative)
    • If necessary, air waybill with a permissive stamp of veterinary or phytosanitary control
    • If available, the license number of the vehicle for removal of cargo from the CTP premises
  6. For cargo requiring phyto-sanitary control inspection, go to the veterinary control station located in room No. 3086 in the main building of the cargo terminal, right wing, third floor, phone. 703-02-96.
  7. Upon receipt of the cargo, the consignee must enter information about the receipt of the cargo into the air waybill according to sample documents No. 1 (for individuals) or No. 2 (for legal entities) placed at the information stand in the customer waiting area.

  8. After preliminary registration at the dispatch center and if you are ready to receive the cargo, pay for the CTP services at the cashbox (windows No. 1, 2, 3).

    To pay for services you need the following:

    The cargo arrived to a legal entity. The cargo was sent to an individual
    Company details Passport
    Power of attorney from the organization for the employee info
    Payment funds for services (cash; credit card; bank transfer of funds) Payment funds for services (cash; credit card)

    If a legal entity receives the cargo at the CTP for the first time, the company’s details has to be submitted to have the data entered into the CTP Database program so that further financial documents may be drawn up to the legal entity.

    The information may be submitted by several ways:

  9. After confirming the fact of payment for services, the dispatcher center specialist via speakerphone will announce the information on the gate number which the vehicle needs to be driven to.

Upon receiving the cargo you need:

  • Passport
  • Power of attorney (as authorized representative)
  • Air way bill with CTP cashier’s stamp “Paid”
  • With a release stamp of the veterinary or phyto-sanitary control station if required

Upon receiving the cargo the consignee should fill in the air waybill about receiving the cargo per sample No. 1 (for private individuals) or No. 2 (for legal entities), located on the information board in the customer waiting area.

When receiving the cargo the consignee verifies the integrity of the packaging and gives the CTP loader operator a set of documents: original air waybill, power of attorney and provides a passport. To leave the CTP territory, the consignee is provided with a copy of the air waybill, with the CTP stamp on the cargo delivery.

If necessary, the consignee may be provided with additional services, such as loading the cargo into the consignee’s transport vehicle (please contact the dispatch center specialist).