Pulkovo Cargo Terminal

JSC "Cargo Terminal Pulkovo" is the largest aviation cargo terminal in the North-Western Federal District, a temporary storage warehouse in the region of activity of the Pulkovo customs, a customs representative. The terminal provides a full range of services for the organization and maintenance of cargo and postal air transportation:

  • Ground handling for all aircraft in Pulkovo Airport making regular and charter flights in terms of handling of cargo and mail.
  • Warehouse cargo handling of inbound and outbound cargo, including those requiring special storage and handling conditions.
  • Consolidation/de-consolidation of cargo at the cargo warehouse.
  • Arranging air cargo transportation on domestic and international destinations.
  • Customs brokerage services for import, export and transit cargo. Certificate No. 0948/00 of inclusion into the registry of customs representatives;

Operational facilities and technical equipment

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo is located in the eastern part of Pulkovo Airport and occupies the area of 4.7 ha. It has compliance certificates No. AS RU.АФ01.М00030, POCC RU.АФ01.M00030, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, certificate of inclusion in the registry of temporary warehouse storage owners No. 10221/281210/10017/3.

According to the Compliance Certificate, Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC provides handling and storage of all types of cargo at the Pulkovo Airport:

  • perishable cargo
  • oversize cargo
  • dangerous cargo
  • valuable cargo
  • live animals
  • human blood and body organs

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC has a total area of  12 000 m2

The cargo terminal has the required equipment to load/unload cargo, transport and weigh it.

  • TREPEL loaders, with lifting capacity up to 30 tons
  • diesel and electric forklifts with lifting capacity up to 15 tons
  • platform container and pallet carts with lifting capacity up to 20 tons
  • Tow-trucks for towing container and pallet carts
  • Hydraulic lifting ramps (trackdocks)
  • vehicles with varying lifting capacity with lifting platform to transport and load/unload packed cargo and bulk cargo
  • self-propelled conveyer belts

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC has special rooms within the warehouse for storing special cargo:

  • for perishables and cargo requiring special temperature conditions

    Refrigeration chamber features:

    •   total area = 240 m2
    •   total volume = 1200 m3

    Low-temperature chamber based on refrigeration unit manufactured by HK Refrigeration, model MABN 96/BRC 93 E7 (2 units) ensures temperature conditions up to -18oС;

    Mid-temperature chamber based on the refrigeration unit manufactured by HK Refrigeration, model MABP 130 BRS 157 F8 (4 units) ensures temperature conditions from -5 to +8oС

    The Mastercella Carel electronic control units that are used in the refrigeration chambers allow adjusting the required temperature with precision to 0.1oС.

  • for valuable cargo
  • for dangerous cargo